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The difference your workplace giving donation makes to a young person (and their family)

Young people live in the now. When things are going great, life is great. It’s only when things aren’t so great, that they’ll look for help. And when they do, after friends and family, the internet is the first place they go. 

A donation made by you, your team or your organisation, through your workplace giving program, will ensure that when that young person goes online, they’ll find the help they need to get immediate relief from an everyday issue or even from a tough time. And that can make all the difference.

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'ReachOut has helped me understand myself and my issues better. Without it, I may have done the unthinkable.’

– Anonymous male, 23, ACT

Workplace giving and you

Workplace giving is a great way to give to the causes that mean the most to you. It's easy to set up – and as it’s taken from your pay before tax, it reduces your taxable income. 

When you nominate to give $10 as your workplace giving donation, just $7 will come out of your pay, but the full $10 goes to ReachOut and means we’re able to put help in the hands of five young people. 

To set up your ongoing donations, contact whoever looks after your payroll or your charity champion.

Workplace giving and your organisation 

There are many great incentives to have a workplace giving program. In the recent Workplace Givers Revealed report, 85 per cent of employees said that their company’s workplace giving program initiative made it a better place to work. Workplace giving creates a more passionate and driven workforce, enhances your company’s desirability as a place to work for future employees, and gives your employees tax benefits. 

Not only that: workplace giving is easy to set up, low in cost and low in effort. And when your organisation matches employees’ donations dollar for dollar, you can double your company’s impact, meaning that more young people and their parents will get the help they need.

The team at JB HI-FI have a hugely successful workplace giving program, led by their executive team and supported right across their business.

Watch their video and be inspired by their commitment to the causes they support.

New to workplace giving?

If you aren’t quite sure how to get started, or need advice on setting up a great program or reinvigorating your current program, ReachOut recommends chatting to the following organisations:

Payroll and workplace giving

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