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How to navigate conversations about politics productively, safely and respe...

Friday, 13th May 22

With the Federal Election fast approaching, the news agenda in overdrive and conversations about politics more frequent on social media and IRL, it can be a stressful time for many of us. After a couple of challenging years, there’s a good chance you might be feeling exhausted, passionate or even confused by what’s happening in politics.

New research finds that stress about the future is impacting the wellbeing ...

Saturday, 9th Apr 22

Our new research has found that stress about the future is having either a moderate or major impact on the wellbeing of nearly 55 percent of young people. In addition, the research found that over 54 percent of young people are moderately to extremely stressed about the future and that these stress levels are on the rise because of the pandemic.

Navigating healthy friendships and supporting your teen online

Thursday, 7th Apr 22

Friendships are important to teenagers on many different levels. They can help teenagers feel a sense of belonging and acceptance, have a positive influence on their social and emotional skills, and contribute to their personal growth. On the flip side however, learning to navigate social influences and understanding what constitutes a healthy friendship can be challenging, especially when interacting online.

Year in review: 2020/21

Thursday, 24th Mar 22

What a year it has been. Last year was tough on so many levels but this year has thrown a whole new set of challenges at all of us and continued to test our resilience.

The power of cause-related events in transforming mental health through liv...

Wednesday, 23rd Mar 22

In the era of COVID-19, cause-related fundraising events have become such a formidable and effective fundraising force, especially in the mental health sector.

Raising critical funds to prevent youth suicide and help young people be ha...

Friday, 25th Feb 22

This March, we are swimming for youth mental health and suicide prevention with Laps for Life and you can too. Whether you’re new to the water or a competitive swimmer, ReachOut and Ian Thorpe AM are challenging people across Australia to jump in the water from 1 to 31 March and swim laps at the local pool, hit the beach or take part in an ocean swim to save lives and support all young people in Australia to be happy and well.

Ian Thorpe AM cheers on everyone making a splash this March for youth menta...

Thursday, 10th Feb 22

Olympic gold medalist Ian Thorpe AM is calling on people across Australia to take part in Laps for Life this March in support of youth mental health service ReachOut.

Why online safety matters to the mental health and wellbeing of young peopl...

Tuesday, 8th Feb 22

The internet and social media can have a very positive impact on young people's lives. For many young people it reduces isolation, increases connection, is an outlet for creativity, and can have a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing.

Sprinkle kindness this November with Fairy Bread Day

Tuesday, 23rd Nov 21

Back with a sweet vengeance is Fairy Bread Day 2021. Sprinkled over a week of fun loving fundraising, we want you to whip out the 100’s and 1000’s on November 24 to help raise funds for leading youth mental health organisation, ReachOut.

Managing your teens’ study stress and caring for their wellbeing

Tuesday, 26th Oct 21

Covid-19 has impacted all of our lives and, in many cases, our wellbeing too. With disruption to daily routines, a shift to online learning for many and important milestones being missed, it has been a particularly challenging time for teenagers and their families. And, with Term 4 in full swing and many students returning to face-to-face learning, students across the country still have significant challenges to contend with this year.

Kayo 1000 Miles to Light event raises $65,000 to help support the mental he...

Tuesday, 21st Sep 21

In its inaugural year, the organisers of the Kayo 1000 Miles to Light event are pleased to announce that through the event $65,000 has been raised in support of youth mental health organisation ReachOut.

New report tracks the ups and downs of the mental health of young Aussies i...

Tuesday, 7th Sep 21

Mental health service ReachOut has released a new report which provides vital insights into the mental health of young people living in regional, rural and remote (rural) areas across Australia, tracked over a five year period.* The report includes indications that the mental health of young people in these areas is worsening, alongside more positive findings such as that rural young peoples’ mental health literacy is improving.

ReachOut welcomes the Federal Government’s significant investment in you...

Wednesday, 12th May 21

Australia’s most accessed online mental health service for young people and their parents ReachOut welcomes the Federal Government's significant $13.1m investment in critical digital mental health services for young Australians.

ReachOut announces new Board Chair

Monday, 15th Feb 21

ReachOut has announced that Julie White will step down from her role of Chair of the ReachOut Board this month, following 10 years of service. Current ReachOut Board Member, Andrew Wilson, has been announced today as the new Chair.

ReachOut's new student mental health tool launched to help thousands of you...

Sunday, 24th Jan 21

With thousands of Year 7 students commencing high school across the country from next week, Australia’s most accessed youth mental health service ReachOut has launched a new student wellbeing tool which will make the transition from primary school to high school easier and less challenging for students.

Ian Thorpe AM challenges Aussies to swim in support of youth mental health ...

Thursday, 21st Jan 21

Ian Thorpe AM, Patron and Board Member of Australia’s most accessed online mental health service for young people, ReachOut, is calling on people across Australia to jump in the water in March for Laps for Life – a month-long swimming challenge. 

New research finds young people in regional Australia as stressed about the...

Friday, 20th Nov 20

New research has found that over 50 per cent of young people living in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia are worried about their future, however when compared to their city counterparts they are less likely to seek support.

Focus on mental health reform welcome but greater support for young Austral...

Monday, 16th Nov 20

ReachOut responds to the release of the Productivity Commission’s report on Mental Health.

New support for young people stressed about work and money during COVID-19

Thursday, 24th Sep 20

New research from ReachOut shows that the number of young people in Australia concerned about work and/or finding a job has increased from 25.0 per cent in January 2020 to 37.5 per cent in July 2020.

Report finds new approaches to bullying needed for young Australians

Monday, 7th Sep 20

A new report from ReachOut, titled Unfriendly Friendships, has found that textbook definitions of bullying are missing the mark with young people, and says that a new approach is required to reduce rates of bullying and its impact on the mental health of young people in Australia.