For more than 20 years, ReachOut has been helping young people access support as they experience mental health challenges

We were first to identify the opportunity that exists to use technology and reimagine how people in need can get help.

Since our launch in 1998, ReachOut has been connecting and supporting young people, and their parent, carer and teacher networks to a range of mental health services that are available when and where they need it. We make it easy for young people to connect on their terms, at any time, from anywhere.

As the pioneer of an online model of mental health support for young people all over Australia, we have continued to evolve. Today, we are recognised as one of the leading providers of specialist support for young people on the journey towards better mental health. We are helping to change the lives of young people for the better.

Impact Study

As shown in our recently published Impact Study, young people using ReachOut experienced a significant reduction in symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress, and in their suicide risk. There was also an increase in help-seeking behaviour. With 70 per cent of young people not seeking help for a mental health issue, ReachOut’s online service addresses many of the barriers to help-seeking, including stigma, embarrassment and a preference for self-reliance.