ReachOut Australia

ReachOut Australia has more than 20 years’ experience of delivering digital mental health and wellbeing programs, backed by our own in-house digital team.

Our data and research-driven delivery model combines analytics from our digital products with contextual quantitative and qualitative research to inform and direct our service. This enables us to accurately and responsively deliver a service that reflects current events and issues, and to target specific audiences with the information that is most relevant to them.

ReachOut also uses a strengths-based prevention and early intervention model. We are trusted by, and able to communicate and engage with, young people (and parents) in ways and places that other mental health services can’t.

Impact Study

As shown in our recently published Impact Study, young people using ReachOut experienced a significant reduction in symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress, and in their suicide risk. There was also an increase in help-seeking behaviour. With 70 per cent of young people not seeking help for a mental health issue, ReachOut’s online service addresses many of the barriers to help-seeking, including stigma, embarrassment and a preference for self-reliance.