Our Values

Our values are part of what makes working at ReachOut unique. We live them in our everyday work, and we make a point of celebrating each other when we go over and above what’s expected.


We take on work that stretches our capabilities, knowing that we may not always succeed. We confidently rely on each other to deliver on our promises and to help achieve our goals. We listen actively, question thoughtfully and challenge openly.


We support others while looking after ourselves and those closest to us. We believe that everyone can get through tough times, while recognising there isn’t always an easy answer. We understand that compassion sometimes requires making a tough call.


We give our time and skills willingly to each other. We show appreciation to all who enable us to achieve our mission. We share our knowledge and experience with our partners.


We value difference and treat everyone with respect. We share the load, and openly communicate our ideas, knowledge, feelings and perceptions. We create meaningful opportunities for involvement with all people, groups and communities who can help us achieve our mission.


We take initiative, focus on outcomes, and learn from our mistakes as well as our successes. We are open, honest and accountable with everyone we work with, including with each other. We are receptive to new ideas, value innovation, and manage money and risk wisely.


We enjoy what we do and make it fun to be involved with ReachOut. We’re creative, playful and don’t take ourselves too seriously (most of the time). We celebrate our achievements and successes in imaginative ways.