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Mental health is a big deal. 

Mental health is a big deal, and right now, 40% of young people in Australia are living with a mental health difficulty. Whether you’re aware of it or not, someone you know will need support for their own mental health and wellbeing.

We partner with organisations that share our values and commitment to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people across Australia. We collaborate with a wide range of organisations, foundations and individuals and love the challenge of to working out the best way to make a difference.

Let’s do great things together

  • We can provide a host of wellbeing content and resources share
  • We can work with you to drive demonstrable impact within your community, audience and networks
  • We will provide you with informative reports, updates and impact stories to demonstrate how your support is making a difference in the lives of young people
  • We have signature events to advocate for youth mental health awareness, designed to improve your own wellbeing while championing the wellbeing of young people
  • We can explore volunteer opportunities to promote team building and increase staff engagement.

Partner quotes (from Annual Review 2021)

"7-Eleven Australia works in partnership with ReachOut in support of Australian youth mental health via the 7-Eleven community program, Good Cause. The young people, families and supporters who engage with ReachOut’s services are reflected in the 7-Eleven customer basis; they are who we serve through our stores and the communities we are part of.

ReachOut consistently demonstrates a clear understanding of the 7-Eleven brand and business, seeking to reflect this understanding through the work we do together. Together we have been able to partner on and deliver several values-focused and mutually-beneficial projects during the course of our partnership. 7-Eleven is so proud to support ReachOut and their work."

Katherine Murray
Community Partnerships Lead, 7-Eleven

"Connection is especially important in these uncertain times, playing a vital role in strengthening and supporting our communities. Stockland CARE Foundation’s partnership with ReachOut Australia is built on a commitment to support and empower our communities by providing resources and networks to enhance the mental health and wellbeing of young Australians and their parents.

Through multiple and varied initiatives including the Mental Health Month webinar series with ReachOut’s Youth Ambassadors, Wear It Purple Day engagement and ongoing communications to our customers and residents, ReachOut continues to be a partner that prioritises authentic and meaningful support to Stockland’s stakeholders."

Bonny Bayne
National Manager, Stockland CARE Foundation

"The Audi Foundation has been a proud partner of ReachOut for over 5 years, supporting the development of ReachOut’s Parent Service. Audi is a proud champion of ReachOut’s wellbeing campaign Make A Move and other collaborations including working with the Audi Magazine, providing wellbeing resources to Audi dealerships for the benefit of their teams and also their customers.

TThe ReachOut team is always open to new and meaningful opportunities that create mutually beneficial outcomes for their partners, demonstrated through deepening collaboration and a strong understanding of the Audi Foundation’s mission and customers."

Hayley Nissim
Audi Foundation Lead

Let’s do it together.

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