A gift in your will

Leaving a bequest in your will can change a young person’s life and the generations that follow them. 

Leaving a bequest to ReachOut can change a young person’s life and support the generations that follow them. A gift in your will is a lasting legacy that embraces the values you live, and supports the people and causes that are important to you.

Like you, we believe that every young person has something special to give to the world. Your legacy can help to create bright and healthy futures for more young people and their families across Australia.

ReachOut works alongside young people to ensure we provide the services and tools they need to get help and look after their mental health and wellbeing. Our focus is on prevention, early intervention and education, to have the greatest impact in reducing the incidence of mental ill-health and youth suicide.

Leaving a gift in your will helps us commit to our long-term programs aimed at increasing the rates of help-seeking by developing innovative ways to reach groups of young people, and providing accessible mental health and wellbeing support. Your generosity ensures that as technology changes, we keep pace – so that we can always be there when someone needs help.

Find out how to leave a gift in your will below, or if you have any further questions you can get in touch by sending an email to supporters@reachout.com.

Some questions answered

Do I need to tell you?

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We understand that making your will is a very personal matter and we respect your privacy. However, if you have already included ReachOut.com or are considering doing so, please let us know so that we can thank you properly. It’s huge, and we’d really like to say thanks. 

We’d also love to invite you into the office, to meet the team and discuss our plans for meeting the needs of young people now and in the future.

What wording do I use?

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The following wording can be used as a guide: 

I give to ReachOut Australia (ABN 27 075 428 787), free of all duties and testamentary expenses, for its general purpose the following: 

  • the residue of my estate (or __% of the residue of my estate), or
  • the whole of my estate (or __% of my estate), or
  • the sum of $___, or
  • the following assets: (specify item/s, e.g. artwork or property). 

An authorised receipt from ReachOut Australia will be sufficient discharge for the executor or trustee.

Can you help me write my will?

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While we appreciate that you would trust us to do this, we don’t have the legal expertise that is required. We recommend that you consult with a solicitor.

What type of gift can I leave?

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There are different ways to include ReachOut.com in your will. Three options for leaving a bequest are: 

  1. Residual bequest

After you have provided for your family and friends, you can leave what is left – the residue, or a percentage of the residue – to ReachOut.com. As your estate increases in value, so does your bequest. A residual bequest helps offset the effect of inflation. 

  1. Cash sum

A specific cash sum is a common form of bequest. As it doesn’t allow for inflation or a change in your circumstances, however, you may want to review it regularly. 

  1. Percentage

This is often regarded as the most flexible way to give, as it adapts readily to your circumstances.