Challenge yourself

ReachOut and Race

You don’t have to be a pro athlete to join a sporting event. Running, Swimming, Cycling – there’s tonnes of events around the country to get involved in. Join team ROAR and we’ll help you reach your goal. Choose yours here.

Choose your own adventure

Nothing screams ‘I love a challenge’ quite as much as rickshawing across India,  shaving your locks, swimming with sharks, walking for miles and miles, and well miles. Whatever your plans, let us know and we’ll help as much as we can. Get some inspiration here.

Be a quitter

If your checking your phone every time it beeps, constantly caving into your sweet, sweet cravings, shivering at the thought of no morning coffee or living it up luxuriously – a ‘It’s ok to quit’ challenge might be the thing for you. Learn more.

In your community

At school or uni

Could you go without social media for a month? Host a Showcase your talents event? Do laps around the grounds for hours on end? Maybe sell some stuff? There’s a bunch of ways you can raise some cash while at school or uni. Kick start your campaign here.

Give back on your birthday

Another year older, another pair of socks. Not this year! Giving up your gifts and asking family and mates to donate to youth mental health for your big day is super generous. You’ll feel good, they’ll for good, makes for a pretty awesome day. All you need to be prepped for your big day is here.

At work

Nothing unites your workmates better than getting behind a cause. There’s loads of ideas kicking around that are super easy to do. Maybe it’s food – after all everyone loves cake, facing a fear – and doing it in front of your colleagues or challenging other teams to a race. All the info you’ll need is here.

Tips and tools

Everything you need to reach your fundraising goal is here.

Not sure where to start?

We're here to help, so please get in touch here.

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