Everything is a season in life. It’s really difficult to understand that when you’re going through something – it’s like you’re wearing glasses with a coloured filter – all you see is the pain and suffering you’re going through but there is an end and there is a light, and there is a lot of people around you who will help and support you.”

We know we can inspire the change that’s needed to ensure all young people can be happy and well.

With your help, we will.


The end of one year and the beginning of another can be an exciting time, but it can also be one filled with uncertainty. Especially if you’re a young person.

The culmination of exam pressure, family stress and the expectation of an unknown year ahead can seem overwhelming. It’s the first time many experience not being able to cope.

It’s at these times that the ReachOut service is vital.

We know that once a young person understands that their issue is help-worthy, they’re likely to take action. Too often though, that first step happens when they’re in crisis.

Carissa, a ReachOut Youth Ambassador, first experienced bullying at an early age, which continued all the way through high school. She describes her experience like this.

I was around four years old when bullying first started,” Clarissa explains. “I felt like I never had any friends. And then when I’d try to pursue friends I was rejected. They were always telling me things about myself. That I was fat and I was ugly and that nobody wanted me. Hearing that so often, for so long, you learn to believe it.”

Carissa had a lot of trouble talking to anyone about what was going on. She’s not alone in this.

“There were lots of things I couldn’t understand. I didn’t know why these people were picking on me and why it was me in particular. My self-esteem was so low and it changed my whole way of thinking. I stopped enjoying things, I stopped being that big, happy bubbly person that I was, and essentially became depressed.”

Carissa, like so many young people, tried to deal with the bullying herself. She buried herself in school work. In Year 12, the stress became too much.

“My emotions were building up to an insane point – I had horrific anxiety and really, really bad depression. I was having thoughts of not wanting to live, not wanting to be around anyone. I felt awful because I didn’t want to leave my family but I didn’t want to have to suffer anymore.”

It’s heart-breaking, but only three out of every ten young people that need help actually get it. We’re determined to change that. Here’s how we’ll do it.

ReachOut works closely with young people to understand the issues that affect them most. Your support will help us take those insights and turn them into campaigns that talk to core issues like bullying, relationships and exam stress and let teenagers know there’s a way through.

Young people don’t always want other people to know they’re struggling. That’s one of the reasons our services are so effective. It’s help in their pockets – accessible anytime, anywhere. We also provide tools and advice to parents to help them support their teenager, especially when they might be refusing help.

ReachOut gives young people the control they’re looking for to manage their own lives.

It took a long time,” Clarissa admits, “but I got there. My parents really supported me and they helped me go find someone that I could talk to. It was really a scary process but it was so worth it. I don’t think I would be here today if it wasn’t for my parents.”

Everything is a season in life. It’s really difficult to understand that when you’re going through something – it’s like you’re wearing glasses with a coloured filter – all you see is the pain and suffering you’re going through but there is an end and there is a light, and there is a lot of people around you who will help and support you.”

We want to share more stories, just like Carissa’s. Your donation today will make a huge difference.

Thank you.

To watch Carissa’s story click here

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