Amelia* was 14 when she tried to end her life.

“I struggled with depression, anxiety, abuse, eating disorders, and sexuality, and it felt like I was a lost cause – like there was something inherently wrong with me and I could never get better.”

So many young people like Amelia are struggling right now. And we know Christmas is often the toughest time of year, when loneliness and family conflicts and many other pressures can pile up.

After her suicide attempt, Amelia started seeking help. She didn’t click with other mental health services, so was relieved to find ReachOut’s moderated online community. It was a place where young people who’d had similar struggles helped her understand that things really do get better.

“Healing looks different for everyone, but for me, it was finding out that I wasn’t alone. It really helped me to know I was understood and my feelings were valid.”

Like Amelia, many of the young people who use ReachOut tell us they wouldn’t go to another mental health service. Without us, they may not have any help to cope with feeling sad or cut-off from friends, or down on themselves – or to deal with any of their many stresses.

Each year, ReachOut saves more than 300 lives by providing digital mental health support for young people and their parents. And more than than 2.6 million young people a year come to us for help to get them through the everyday challenges they face.

To keep young people emotionally well and out of crisis, I urgently need your help.

*Not her real name.

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Security Policy

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Where does my money go?

We keep our internal costs down employing a small team staff across in Sydney and many more awesome volunteers all across the country.

85% of your donation goes to delivering our services including and ReachOut Professionals. This includes content creation, online resources, research that helps us get it right and designing mental health Mobile Apps to help young people experiencing mental health issues across Australia and the world through our US and Irish partners.

The remaining 15% goes towards keeping us running. This includes staffing costs, and essential things like keeping the lights on, running computers and paying the rent for our office space.

We have a policy of financial transparency, and are externally audited every year. You can check out a breakdown of our income and expenditures by clicking on this link.

What is a monthly gift?

Put simply, your monthly or regular gift helps save lives and improves the mental health and wellbeing of young people every day of the year.

A monthly or regular gift is a tax deductible donation that is debited from your nominated account on or around the 17th of each month. By committing to a regular monthly gift, you can help provide young people with a better way to deal with difficult times. For as little as $12 a month, less than a movie ticket, you will have an impact on the mental health of thousands of young Australians. You will also join a community of people that understand looking after your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

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Can I pay by post?

You certainly can. Simply download this form and send it to us at:

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How do I leave a gift in my Will?

A gift or bequest in your Will is a lasting gift which embraces the values you live, and the people and causes that are important to you. After providing for your loved ones a bequest or legacy provides an opportunity to honour a loved one, or to permanently link your own life with our work. We believe that every young person has something special to give to the world, and, your legacy can help to create bright and healthy futures for more young people. Find out more or get in touch by email

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Run, cycle or hold your own event by creating your own fundraising page. Find out more here

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You can make regular donations directly from your payroll which will help young people get the help they need. To find out more click here

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