Giving a Boost to Mental Health

Did you know that 2 in 5 young people in Australia is experiencing mental health difficulties?

Worse, 70% of those who need help won't be able to get it.

Boost Juice is a brand that is all about “Boosting the way you feel” and we want to ensure that this is represented in and outside of our stores. Recognising the importance of mental wellbeing, especially in this current climate, Boost Juice has made a commitment to ensure they support young people and their parents.

Boost Juice's first official charity partner is then ReachOut, the leading online mental health service in Australia supporting young people during tough times. ReachOut helps young people feel better about today and the future, no matter what challenge they’re facing. They provide a safe place where young people can openly express themselves, explore what’s happening in their lives, connect with people who understand their situation, and find the resources to help them manage their challenges now and in the future.

Boost Juice is here to not only support our Boosties, but also the millions of other young adults who may be feeling a bit lost and is going through a tough time. We want to give a “Boost” to youth mental health by raising awareness and funds for ReachOut.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated and will help provide immediate support to young people in need.

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