There's Life After Year 12 Exams

07 Oct 2014

220,000 young Australians are about to go through one of the most stressful times of their lives: Year 12 exams.
Many feel like their entire life depends on their Year 12 results - but those of us who’ve been through it know there’s life after.
To show support, a huge number of prominent Australians have joined forces with to tell their stories of life after Year 12 exams at

For each one of them, Year 12 exams were a beginning not an end. For some who excelled, life has turned out very differently than they planned. For others who didn’t quite get the marks they wanted, life’s taken them in different and interesting directions. Either way, they all agree that there’s plenty to look forward to once it’s all over.

Reach out to a student this month to let them know there’s life after Year 12 exams by sharing a video from, or make your own video using the hashtag #therelifeafter and share your message.
Together, we can let every young Australaian know there’s life after Year 12 exams.
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