ReachOut Parents experts urge Australian parents to make their own mental health a priority during COVID-19 pandemic

16 Apr 2020

Digital mental health service ReachOut Parents is urging Australian parents of teenagers to make their own mental health a priority as they face increasing pressure during the COVID-19 pandemic and is providing free online support for parents of teenagers to help them manage the challenges that families are facing.

The ReachOut Parents service includes COVID-19 specific advice and tips, online peer support where parents can connect with other parents, and one-on-one support provided over the phone by professional coaches. Each element of the ReachOut Parents service is free and available online.

CEO of ReachOut, Ashley de Silva, said that parents are juggling increased pressures because of COVID-19 and it was important they are supported and equipped, including looking after their own wellbeing.

“With thousands of teenagers now out of school, parents are emerging as a group being particularly impacted. Our own research confirms this, with parents reporting feeling overwhelmed from juggling their own anxiety and worry about coronavirus with work demands, keeping their teens motivated and engaged in school at home, managing the screen time and media consumption of their teens, supporting the physical, social and emotional needs of their families and navigating financial stress and uncertainty.”

“ReachOut Parents has made specific COVID-19 resources and tips available to help parents manage their wellbeing and the wellbeing of their family right now. Already, more than 8000 parents from across the country have accessed ReachOut’s COVID-19 supports, with demand continuing to grow.”

Rebecca Sparrow, author and ReachOut Parents ambassador said that it’s vital that parents look after their own wellbeing too.

“Parents are the foundation of their family, and importantly we want to remind them to find time to look after their own wellbeing and mental health right now, which we know will be the last thing on their minds and ‘to do’ list. It’s just like the message about applying your own oxygen mask first and carries the same amount of importance.”

“For any parent feeling overwhelmed or like they are doing this alone, connecting with other parents can make a real difference. ReachOut Parents has a safe and established online community where parents can connect with other parents to support each other, share their experiences and even pick up a few tips along the way.”

ReachOut Parents has simple strategies that are easy for parents to implement, and the service also connects families to extra support if needed.

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  • Remember to look after your own mental health and wellbeing.
  • Talk to your teenager about COVID-19 when you’re feeling calm and focused
  • Have conversations based on the facts provided by reliable sources including Health Direct and WHO.
  • Talk to your teens about what things might work for your family, for example a COVID free hour each day.
  • Get support at

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