KFC Youth Foundation partners with ReachOut

07 Aug 2018
We’re rapt to announce that the KFC Youth Foundation has taken on ReachOut Australia as one of its partners. More than 90% of KFC restaurant staff are under 25 years old, making this a perfect match.

‘Our 2020 goal is to reach an additional 1 million people by 2020, and to do this we want to be where young people are,’ said Jono Nicholas, CEO of ReachOut Australia.

‘With KFC, ReachOut will be there to support the young people they employ as well as their customers, both young people and parents, Australia-wide.’

‘We’re inspired by KFC’s dedication to developing and empowering their staff. As a massive employer of young Australians, we’re excited to work with their team and communities through’

The KFC Youth Foundation is inspired by KFC’s passion for their 35,000+ young people, for whom the restaurant will be their first training school, their second family and a place where they can be themselves outside of school and home.

‘We’ve seen first-hand from our own team members that when confident, young people have the potential to achieve great things,’ said Nikki Lawson, Managing Director, KFC Australia.

‘Through the KFC Youth Foundation, we stand behind Australia’s young people because we know when supported and confident they can achieve anything.’

The KFC Youth Confidence Report, launched in May 2018, flagged key areas where the company can further support young Australians.

‘Our research has helped us understand that for young Australians to develop confidence they need support in areas of mentorship, skills development, mental wellbeing and overcoming disadvantage. Under our Foundation we are supporting a handful of community partners who offer meaningful youth services in these areas.’

ReachOut Australia is one of five organisations set to receive support from the Foundation, including Reach, Whitelion, StreetWork, and youngcare.

Learn more about the KFC Youth Foundation.