‘Things started to turn around for me after I went onto ReachOut.’

06 Jul 2018
Jasmine is 19 years old and started experiencing anxiety in Year 7. She didn’t know then that that’s what it was, and she didn’t know it was serious enough to get help for. Then she found ReachOut.

‘I read all this information and it was just really great to have a name to put to what I was feeling.

‘I first heard the term anxiety on there. Before that I didn’t think that anxiety was something that 14-year-old girls could get because they were worried about school. And I didn’t know that depression meant not wanting to go to school in the mornings. I’d only heard of it as very extreme.

‘That’s when I found out ways to get help. And through reading that information and understanding that it was okay, and that you can ask for help, my life just had a big difference.’

Jasmine is one of more than one hundred thousand people who access ReachOut every month. Thank you for making turning points like Jasmine’s possible for so many other young people and their families.