Inspire Foundation is now ReachOut

02 Feb 2015
Some people change their name for a fresh start, others because they didn’t like the one they were born with. Today, we’ve changed our name to better represent what we do: delivering support and tools that address youth mental health and reduce youth suicide, through ReachOut.

ReachOut launched in 1998 out of Inspire Foundation’s visionary belief that the internet could be used to stop youth suicide. We still hold this belief, and in 2015 we’ll take it to a new level as ReachOut.

As Australia’s leading online mental health service for young people, ReachOut is every young Australian’s gateway to help for mental health issues, providing practical tools for immediate relief and the courage to connect with further professional support.

With 1 in 4 young Australians experiencing a mental health difficulty, and 70 per cent of those who need help not getting it, mental health remains one of the most pressing issues of our time.

Despite 1.8 million unique visitors to ReachOut in 2014, we know that stigma and complex pathways to accessing support still prevent many young people from getting the help they need. There is much more to be done, and we’ve been working hard on new ways to reach and engage young people, health care workers and teachers.

In 2015, we’re aiming to help more young people than ever before, with a goal of 2.5 million visitors to ReachOut.

We’ll also release a number of new e-mental health tools this year, building on our 17 years of experience and our history of developing innovative models of support.

Our new apps and tools will tackle tough issues like:

  • teaching positive psychology strategies through a role-playing game

  • making it simple to use breathing exercises to combat anxiety

  • tracking and confining worrying in ways that make sense in young people‚Äôs lives.

Your support of our vision is crucial. With every $2 you donate, another young person can get help from ReachOut. You can also help by telling friends, young people you know and their families about ReachOut by sharing our posts on Facebook and Twitter.

But above all else, please make sure you reach out to a young person when you’re worried about them, and let them know that ReachOut is always there when they need help.