In March 2015, more than 61,000 young Australians aged 16–25 years visited

Based on the data, it’s estimated more than 29,000 of them had thought about suicide in the past month, and nearly three-quarters were not otherwise accessing professional help.

But nearly half say they’re more likely to seek out further help after visiting ReachOut.

These numbers paint a clear picture of the role online services play in preventing youth suicide.

At ReachOut, we know young people go online for help. So we work alongside them to make sure help is there, where and when they need it.

By focusing on prevention and early intervention, we can save hundreds of thousands of people from the crippling effects of a lifetime of poor mental health and even suicide.

We must continue to champion the importance of online mental health services and make them a core part of our mental health system.

This way, we can provide better help, to more people, right now.

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