One in six young Australians aged 16–24 years will experience an anxiety disorder in any 12-month period, compelling us to look for new ways of using technology to deliver help to more people. No matter whether they live in metro or rural areas, young people can immediately access ReachOut and our apps to help address the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety.

ReachOut WorryTime and ReachOut Breathe are two free apps that deliver evidence-based psychological therapies on mobile devices, enabling young people to use their smartphones to independently manage anxiety and stress. They’re part of a growing suite of online tools and information we’ve developed to improve young people’s mental health.

Your ongoing support of innovations like these is crucial to getting help to young people with early symptoms of mental health difficulties. Please share Breathe and WorryTime with young people you know, and consider making a gift to support future ReachOut developments.

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