Research Manager

For this 12 month contract, the person we are looking for has the skills and experience to:

  • Develop a data analysis plan for the quantitative data generated as part of the cohort study
  • Ensure data cleaning, management and analysis of longitudinal data and ‘big data’ generated from website usage
  • Undertake a range of data analysis, from simple frequencies and Chi-squared analysis, to modelling with binary and Likert-type responses, and more complex longitudinal data analysis and path analysis
  • Interpret results from a range of data analyses, and generate insights into key study questions
  • Supervise Research Coordinator on day-to-day tasks related to the project
  • Collaborate with Project Team to triangulate data, draw conclusions and generate recommendations
  • Communicate and support the translation of results from data analysis to a range of stakeholders with varying levels of statistical knowledge, including  internal stakeholders, such as senior management, research, service delivery, marketing, digital and communications staff  and external stakeholders (e.g. academic and service delivery partners, funders and supporters)
  • Contribute to an external report on project findings and the preparation of peer-reviewed papers and conference presentations

You can read the full position description here, and you can find out how to apply on the next tab. 

Please send to [email protected]

  • your resume, and
  • a supporting statement describing how your skills and experience are a match for the success criteria for the role.

Application close on 24 February 2019.

If you have any questions about the role, please contact Mariesa Nicholas, Director of Research on [email protected] or 02 8029 7742. 

Database Manager

The person we are looking for has the skills and experience to:

  • Ensure best practice use of Salesforce across ReachOut
  • Manage database administration – including the set-up of new users and responding to ad-hoc and proactive training requirements on the system
  • Improve the effectiveness of the database tools and services
  • Ensure all the data and data management complies with legal regulations
  • Make sure the information is protected and backed-up
  • Report regularly on income
  • Monitor database performance and make recommendations for improvements
  • Improve the technology used, with a particular focus on integration with 3rd parties like EveryDay Hero, Raisely, Stripe Payments and Dynamics Finance System and integration with web-donations received
  • Maintain the integrity of the data

You can read the full position description here, and you can find out how to apply on the next tab. 

We are partnering with Beaumont People to recruit for this role. All applications will be reviewed as they receive them, so please send your application ASAP if you are interested in this role.

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