The 5 ways to wellbeing

ReachOut’s tips for improving your mental health and wellbeing in Mental Health Month

October is Mental Health Month, a great opportunity to promote activities and ideas that can have a positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing. Throughout October, we’ll be sharing evidence and practical tips around 5 different ways to improve your wellbeing. Read on to find out how you can join in.

Why is wellbeing important?

Working and juggling the demands of everyday life is not something we should underestimate. There’s keeping up with meetings and emails, fitting in the gym, shopping for and cooking healthy food, dropping kids off, flossing your teeth, keeping up with who’s liked what on Facebook …

At its most basic level, wellbeing is when you’re feeling good and functioning well. It includes feeling physically and mentally well, spiritually aware or connected, and that your life is worthwhile and has purpose.

And the thing is, wellbeing has a multiplier effect. When you’re happy and well, you’re more likely to experience positive relationships with others, a feeling of control over your life and a sense of purpose.

The good news is that you can work on improving your resilience and wellbeing. Research demonstrates that there are five key areas to focus on:

  • Connect
  • Be active
  • Take notice
  • Keep learning
  • Help others

Take some time to look after your own mental health and wellbeing during Mental Health Month. Let’s get started by thinking about how connected we are feeling.

The wellbeing challenge

Each Tuesday in October, we’ll share a wellbeing challenge. Get involved by reposting/shareing the week’s challenge to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn account, and let your followers know how you’ll be responding to the challenge. Be sure to tag ReachOut in your post, and use the hashtags: #reachout #5w2w #challengeaccepted. Up the ante by challenging a mate in your post.

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