Here at ReachOut, young people are at the heart of everything we do. And there’s no better example of this than our exciting volunteer programs.

Since everyone has different interests, skills, and availability, we offer a range of options for getting involved with us. Our Casual Volunteers program is the most general and flexible – you can sign up at any time and do as little or as much as you wish.

Our other programs are more specialised and require formal applications. As opportunities become available, we will advertise them below on this page, through our newsletter, and on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages – so follow us to stay in the loop.

If you want to know more about volunteering  in general, check out Stephanie’s video on the right where she interviews three people about their personal experiences. We often think that volunteer work is all about helping others, but it turns out there are also some great benefits to receive as a volunteer!

Speak Up For ReachOut!

Our brand spanking new SURFO volunteer program is looking for a group of LEGENDS to join the ReachOut crew.
This program is all about sharing your personal stories of overcoming challenges and tough times through the help of ReachOut services. You’ll be connected with an amazing group of committed and passionate volunteers and receive expert training to build your skills and make sure you can speak publicly with confidence.

We will be looking out for people that meet the needs of the Speaker Program.

This includes;

  • If you are between 18-22yrs
  • If you live in Sydney, Canberra or Brisbane
  • If you have used the ReachOut service before
  • If you are confident with public speaking
  • If you can attend our weekend training workshop.

To become a SURFO volunteer there will be three rounds of application:

1. Completing this form

2. A phone/in person/skype chat to get to know you a bit better

3. Training – If your application is successful, we will invite you to complete an online introduction course and join us in Sydney on Oct 28th – 29th for a weekend training workshop

So what are you waiting for?

Apply now!

Please note we will keep your information absolutely private and will not share any details with other applicants. You can read our Privacy Policy here

Youth Ambassadors (YAs) are the heart and soul of ReachOut. They are at the core of our service to help as many young people as possible. As a YA, you will be part of a national team working closely with us to make sure the service stays relevant and accessible. You’ll gain skills in different areas of leadership, event management, public speaking, advocacy, marketing and research. The best part is that you’ll have a heap of fun while making a change in your community.

What’s involved?

  • Representing ReachOut in your community.
  • Engaging in fundraising events.
  • Participating in Media interviews as case studies.
  • Contributing to content and online reviews.
  • Advocating for ReachOut in your community.
  • Executing your own events on behalf of ReachOut.
  • Meeting awesome like minded young people and having the best fun whilst doing it!

What’s required?

  • Attending a 2 day training workshop in your state.
  • A minimum commitment period of 1 year.
  • Ongoing passion and communication with ReachOut.

Current opportunities: 

Unfortunately we’re not taking any applications right now, but subscribe to our email newsletter and you’ll be immediately notified when we are. Don’t forget to also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


Peer Moderators work exclusively online on the Forums to keep our online community safe and supportive. They receive training in basic mental health knowledge, internal escalation policies, community engagement, leadership and much more. Experience as a Peer moderator is excellent for young people considering careers in Clinical Psychology, Community Management, Youth Work, Community Development or Health Promotion.

What’s involved?

  • Providing support to member
  • Building capacity in the community
  • Training senior members to provide support
  • Moderation and management of the community
  • Hosting weekly Getting Real sessions
  • Hosting monthly chats with mental health experts

What’s required?

  • Be between 18 and 25 years old
  • Live in Australia
  • Volunteer as a Community Builder for at least 2 hours a week, for 2 weeks
  • Knowledge of mental health
  • Experience in providing peer support
  • Attending a 3 day training workshop in Sydney (we’ll fly you there and back :))
  • Spending a minimum of 3 hours online per week
  • A one year commitment

How to become a moderator:

If you’re interested in becoming a moderator then get started now by applying to become a Community Builder. The best performing Community Builders will undergo a short interview process and, if successful, we’ll fly you to Sydney to train at RO headquarters. The 2017 workshop will be from the 25th to the 27th of November and we’ll cover travel, accommodation and food costs 🙂 Interested? Apply now.


Our interns don’t just fetch coffee. You get to use your skills for good and help us deliver a pretty awesome service that helps loads of young people every day.

Current opportunities:  

Unfortunately we’re not taking any applications right now, but subscribe to our email newsletter and you’ll be immediately notified when we are. Don’t forget to also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

This is the most easy and flexible way to engage with us. By signing up as a casual volunteer, you’ll receive information about local events and online activities that you can participate in.

What’s involved?

  • Attending local events organised by other ReachOut volunteers
  • Helping to promote ReachOut’s content online
  • Completing occasional surveys

What’s required?

There’s no special training or minimum level of commitment! You can help out when you have time or step back when you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Current opportunities: 

We’re always able (and happy) to take new casual volunteers! Signing up is as easy as filling out this short form. Once we’ve got your details, we’ll notify you when there are opportunities for you to help out.

A Builder is a member of the community who has put their hand up to take support to the next level. They’re trained in the art of Peer Support and help us to make our community the best place ever.

If you’re interested in working in Counseling, Psychology, Youth Work, Community Management or Development, Health Promotion or Social Work, becoming a Community Builder is a great place to start getting the basic skills and to begin exploring what it’s like to support other people. Becoming a builder is also part of showing us you have what it takes to become a Moderator. Anyone in Australia within the ages of 16-25 can become a Builder.

Completing Builder training and participating for at least 2 hours a week as a Builder is also a pre-requisite for becoming a Moderator on the community.

What’s involved?

  • Provide peer support – share what you have learned from your experiences.
  • Help with basic moderation and management stuff on the forums.
  • Help build and maintain our community as a safe and supportive space for anyone who wants to talk.

What’s required?

  • Complete online training (approx 5 hours)
  • Participate as a Builder in the community for an hour a week
  • That’s it!

Current opportunities:  

Applications are now open!

You can apply to be a Builder at any time. You can apply either through this form or by invitation after participating as a member for 3 months and making at least 100 posts in the community.

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