Without support, mental ill-health can change a young person's life.

But so can we.

Why Team ReachOut?


Team ReachOut is all about having fun and supporting you in the lead up to, during and post event. When you join the team, you’ll get heaps of benefits, including a personalised contact within ReachOut for all of your event and fundraising questions, ReachOut incentives, and (depending on your event) things like an event race guide and training sessions with the rest of the team.


Your impact

In Australia, one in four young people experience a mental health difficulty. But only 30% of those who need help actually get it. After friends and family, the internet is the first place young people turn to for information and support. That’s where ReachOut comes in.

ReachOut is Australia’s most accessed online mental health service for young people and their parents. Their trusted self-help information, peer-support program and referral tools save lives by helping young people be well and stay well. The information they offer parents makes it easier for them to help their teenagers, too.

By fundraising for ReachOut, you are raising critical funds so we can continue to help young Australians each and every day. Every dollar that you raise, and every person that you share your Team ReachOut journey with, helps us get that much closer to our goal of helping all young people be happy and well.


Thinking of running this year? Then join Team ReachOut and help young people in need.

Whether you’re a professional runner or even a first-timer who is hoping to improve your fitness, you can help young people in need and run for Team ReachOut.

Thinking of the City2Surf, Bridge2Brisbane, Run Melbourne, Tough Mudder or even getting on your bike, then you can represent ReachOut and help young people dealing with mental health challenges.

Get in touch and we’ll make sure that you are supported every step of the way for any event you’re participating in.

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Need some inspiration?

Check out some of our awesome supporters below, who have raced for us in the past.

Race: Wanner-Runner-Roos run the Swan River Run

The Wanner-Runner-Roos are a team of 8 passionate youth service workers from the City of Wanneroo, one of Perth’s northern suburbs. They know firsthand the issues faced by the young people in their community because of their work, and wanted to take action as a team.

When Laura, the Youth Engagement Officer, saw an ad for Perth’s Swan River Run, she didn’t hesitate to sign herself and 7 other keen workmates up.

To them, it was more than just the challenge of completing a 14k run; it was to make a difference.

“We were well aware of the youth suicide rates in WA, and we’d used ReachOut.com as a tool when working with young people in our community.”

Training for the Swan River Run as a group was tough to coordinate as each member’s schedule always clashed. Luckily, having a pro triathlete in the team gave them the motivation they needed by writing up a strict weekly training plan that kept each of them on track (and brought out their competitive spirit).

“If we were having a bad day, then it was good to know we wouldn’t be the only ones waddling through the corridors at work with sore legs!” Laura told us. Sharing funny emails of encouragement also helped push through hard moments, and made them stronger as a team. The team also emailed staff, family and friends to ask for their support and to donate to their online fundraising page. They even got in touch with their local paper, The Wanneroo Times, to feature a story profiling the team’s efforts.

When it came to the big day, the Wanner-Runner-Roos said that meeting other members of Team ROAR, especially ReachOut’s Youth Ambassadors on the course and after the race was the highlight. “I loved spotting a ReachOut shirt in the distance or passing in the other direction. We’d wave madly at each other and cheer each other even though we’d never met!” adds Laura.

Race: Youth Ambassadors run the City2Bay

When a group of our awesome South Australia Youth Ambassadors (YAs) decided they wanted to raise funds and more awareness for us at ReachOut, they challenged themselves to running the City2Bay in Adelaide. An impressive feat, they managed to smash their fundraising goal and got to raise awareness about a cause that is really important to them. As a Youth Ambassador, Georgia told us, “Mental health awareness is something I feel strongly about – and I felt like I wanted to raise money for ReachOut so they can continue to build and grow the online support systems and develop helpful apps.”

YA’s are ReachOut’s representatives in the community and are used to talking about the work that ReachOut does, but they found running a fundraiser was a bit different. Another one of the ambassadors, Chelsea, said it was a great learning experience.

“As someone who has never held a fundraiser before, I put a lot of pressure on myself to get it right. I learnt along the way, through the help of the fundraising team at ReachOut and fellow Youth Ambassadors, that it’s not all about the money. What you don’t realise is that every action you take on your fundraising adventure is SO important for youth mental health. Even if you ask people to support you, and they aren’t able to, you are bringing up the issue of youth mental health, and by doing that you’re helping people, you’re letting people know about ReachOut and what services are available. The key message for me is that I was never alone, I always had help, and everyone was so supportive.”

As seen by their commitment to volunteer their time for us, mental health means a lot to young people like Chelsea and Georgia. Georgia said, “Growing up is hard! Sometimes what happens during our pivotal adolescent and young adult years shape the person we become and the image we have of ourselves. I believe having good mental health and feeling like you aren’t alone during these years improves your quality of life later on.” Chelsea added, “I know that, for me, I went through some tough times growing up, whether it was issues at school, with peers, pressure to get good grades. It’s so important to recognise that it’s not always easy growing up, and if we identify issues in our youth at an early stage, we can act on helping them so much better! Early intervention is key.”

ReachOut is a big part of both of these young people’s lives, and they are thrilled to be part of the family. “ReachOut is a fantastic tool for today’s youth,” says Chelsea. “We are all so plugged in to technology, so to find out mental health advice at the tips of our fingers, what better way to reach out to the youth of today! Accessing the ReachOut.com might just be the first step that someone takes to getting help, or finding help for someone they know.” And Georgia added that it’s so important that ReachOut continues. “The organisation works to normalise conversations about mental health, and is a library for young people who question their feelings and place in society. Without ReachOut, so many are left unaware of the extreme realities that mental health issues pose.”

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