ReachOut Australia has launched a national campaign showing support for young Australians, with many prominent personalities sharing honest, helpful stories of advice to their younger selves on social media.

Remember that haircut you hated in Year 10? That awkward thing you did at your Year 12 formal? How much you drank at Schoolies? How you felt about yourself, when you didn’t get into the course you’d hoped? What you said to your mum that time, out of anger?

Hindsight is great and all, but wouldn’t life be easier if we could head back in time and pass on some advice to our younger selves? We haven’t created time travel, but we have done the next best thing, for 20 whole years now:

We know it can get better; we find ourselves, we own who we are and we grow. With your help, we can get that message to every teenager in Australia.

Heaps of well-known Aussies – and even a few mates from abroad – are part of the campaign, including Sam Smith, Ian Thorpe, Courtney Act and Triple J’s Gen and Lewis, and answered the question, ‘What would you tell your younger self?’

We know there are countless young people out there who are feeling the same way, and these stories can help them feel that little bit less alone.

We’ve linked each story with practical steps that young people can take in their own lives, because, after 20 years, we know we could all do with a little support sometimes.

Check out all the stories on YouTube, and share them with young people you know.

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