Actor and ReachOut Ambassador Rahart Adams has worked with ReachOut to create a new video series to help young people deal with bullying. In the videos, available on YouTube, Rahart lays out five steps to help people talk about their experiences with bullying.

Rahart says, ‘This is important to me because I remember how much bullying affected people I grew up with, and I even came up against it myself a few times. And let’s be honest – it really, really sucks.’

Rahart hopes the videos will have a positive impact on young people’s lives, helping them respond to bullying in a practical, constructive way.

‘If you’re experiencing bullying, I hope the videos help you plan your next step. There are also loads of extra tips at Sharing the videos will help send a really positive message to anyone out there who could be feeling alone.’

Check out the videos on ReachOut Australia’s YouTube.

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