• ReachOut has found the top 5 apps for students to help start this year on top
  • For parents it’s about helping your teen transition at a new school

Frontline youth service ReachOut Australia is today encouraging students to get ready for school and has found the top 5 apps for success this year.

ReachOut CEO Jono Nicholas said that before school starts parents should encourage their teenager to consider what they need to thrive this year, including taking advantage of online tools.

“Whether it’s apps to help schedule a busy time table, or manage anxiety, ReachOut has rated and evaluated apps for every need,” Mr Nicholas said.

We know that around 80% of teenagers use a smartphone and regularly go online for information, to keep in touch with friends and for fun.

ReachOut.com has information, tools and resources for students, parents and schools to start the year on top. We’ve also curated the best apps for students to help with staying on top of your mental health, getting organised and checking in with friends.

For parents, ReachOut.com has useful resources to help you support your teens through online and at school- with a current focus on transitioning to a new school.

“Young people today have grown up digital, and connecting online whether through forums on ReachOut.com or social media helps build and maintain connections,” Mr Nicholas said.

“This is especially true for students in regional, remote and rural locations or other minority communities, and provides a link to friends with similar experiences or backgrounds and provides a sense of belonging.”

“If your teenager is participating in sport, has a range of friendships, is happy at school, and has a healthy balance in their approach to the internet and social media this is a good sign.”

“However if as a parent you notice that there are changes or your child is retreating more online it’s time to ask some questions.”

Year eight student Jay from Sydney says being connected online helps him with his confidence.

“I use apps as a part of my studies. Especially in languages but other subjects too. I also use ‘Quizlet’, you create your own flashcards and it tests you.

“It helps a lot when I study – it makes me feel more prepared and confident.

When thinking about his digital tool-kit for this year, Jay says he wants apps to help with his mood.

“This year, I want something that is relaxing. I like apps that are relaxing but also get you thinking a bit,” he concluded.


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5 apps you need before school starts.

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