We’d like to share a huge thank-you to the legends at Kinross Wolaroi School in Orange NSW, who welcomed us into their school in March to help us develop new imagery for ReachOut.com.

Our imagery is really important to us, because it’s important to young people. They say it helps them see themselves in our service, making it feel relatable and relevant. And particularly for young people from all sorts of diverse backgrounds, it makes them feel included.

Kinross Wolaroi generously offered up their school yard so we could photograph everything from students having everyday conversations to school sport, and even catch a few parents and teachers between partner-teacher interviews. It was a big commitment, with a big impact: millions of Australians will view these images on ReachOut.com every year.

It was all supported by Kinross Wolaroi’s awesome approach to wellbeing. They’ve made a whole-school commitment to health, wellbeing and pastoral care in their community of students, and we reckon it’s great.

These great new pics are already on ReachOut.com: you can find them featured in a few new articles in our new section about Supporting Family.

Thanks again to everyone at Kinross Wolaroi. You’re a bunch of champs.

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