This World Mental Health Day, 10 October 2017, we joined our mates from other excellent mental health organisations to create a giant human eye at Bondi Beach and shed a positive and colourful light on mental health.

The idea builds on the 2017 theme for World Mental Health Day, ‘Do you see what I see?’ to show that we see mental health through a different light: in positive, bright colour – not black and white. It was all led by the legends at OneWave. Check out the footage:

ReachOut CEO Jono Nicholas said, ‘Every young person’s experience of life and mental health is unique – that’s why every story we hear from young people is different, and why we feature so many on

‘The Bondi Eye is a great way to say that mental health, and mental illness, isn’t on and off, or black and white. It’s an awesome way to show our support to young people across Australia who might be concerned about their mental health.

‘We hope that young people in Australia see this eye at Bondi and feel more confident to use and find the right tools that suit their lives so they have the power to be well.’

If you weren’t able to make it to the event, you can still make a #MentalHealthPromise at

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