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Launched today, a new online training resource by Professionals will help youth support workers across Australia take up e-mental health services in their work with young people.

With the number of online wellbeing programs booming, youth support workers are faced with having to choose from a broad range of options but with little formal knowledge on which to base decisions. The new training package will improve the capacity of youth support workers to make informed choices about what e-mental health services they use with young people and how to use them.

“This training assists youth support workers to understand and navigate the new service system, providing practical guidance for integrating quality evidence-based tools into their work,” says by Inspire Foundation CEO Jonathan Nicholas.

“Our choice to deliver this training online recognises the scalability and accessibility of web-based services. For example, a youth worker in regional WA can take the training whenever it’s convenient for them, and there is no limit on how many people can access this training at the same time.”

“We hope that, as a result of youth support workers taking this training, more young people will benefit from the help e-mental health services provide,” says Nicholas.

The online training covers the following areas:

  • the role of online services in improving young people’s mental health
  • how to refer to online support communities, and how they can help
  • how to incorporate online wellbeing tools and programs into support work
  • how to refer to online counselling and treatment services.

Endorsed as certified professional development by the Australian Association of Social Workers and the Australian Community Workers Association, members of these associations can have their new skills recognised under an annual commitment to further learning.

The e-mental health services training is available through Professionals. Start now.

A free webinar discussing the benefits and challenges of using e-mental health services will be held on Monday 19 May at 11am AEST. Register now.

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